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Fill out the form with your company information and contact details. Tell us a little bit about what you do and why you wish to join the network.


The RBG Admin will authenticate the information and send an email welcoming you to the group. We do this to ensure there is a high level of quality control throughout the application process.


You are now a member of the group. To get the most out of the RBG, we invite you to attend our monthly network event, meet other members and participate in communications across our social media platforms.

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frequently asked questions

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Before getting in touch, please see a few of the frequently asked questions. If anything is not covered, please feel free to get in contact.
RAK Business Group has been set up for Businesses in The Northern Emirates to help increase business, support and mentor.
All can join who are serious about meeting likeminded people who are professional and running a licensed business or in the process of setting one up.
Please follow the process above, starting by filling the form.
Meeting like-minded professionals that you can do business with, learn from, exchange knowledge and information and possibly find a mentor.
Once a member, you will be updated about the location in advance of our monthly meetings.

Each member, for now, will pay AED 100 for the coffee/tea snacks provided at the Hotel.

It will take place each Tuesday at 8am and finish at 10am.
We will manage a 10 item Agenda.
Attendance – Every member will have 1 Minute Introduction of themselves/business – 30 Second for their Visitor – Pass your business cards – 10 to 20 Minute Presentation from a member on their business and or a Workshop of their choice – Question & Answers 10 Minutes – Referral System – Follow up on the referred business – Coffee/Tea Snacks – Networking.
If you do not have any referrals for that meeting there is no pressure but we obviously want to encourage those who are new to business networking on how business networking works and how it can be successful.
Not compulsory however the opportunity is there for you to invite your contacts and how they can participate.
The workshops will depend on each and every one of you with regards to your needs and requirements.
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